I’m not dead (yet)!

As some of you have noticed, there haven’t been many updates lately. This is the result of a few things.

First, I’m one of the most forgetful people ever (shocker). This doesn’t mean I’m forgetting to update the blog. I originally scheduled Sunday evenings as blog-updating time. And while forgetful, I can remember things if they go into a mental schedule. What it does mean is that I don’t take pictures ever. I’m also extremely proud (another astronomical surprise), and I don’t like turning out shoddy product. Even if it’s just a blog only a dozen people read. So every Sunday night, I guiltily remember this blog and immediately do something completely different.

Apartment in shamblesSecond, I’ve actually become extremely busy. The real victim here is my apartment, which is slowly devolving into the genuine squalor displayed on the left (sorry, mom). This second excuse, conveniently, is also going to serve as an update.

As of two and a half weeks ago, I am now a full time student in Sogang University’s Korean Language program. The class goes for 10 weeks, and after 2.4 of the 10, it seems to be helping already. I’m now semi-competent in a restaurant, which is my primary interaction with Koreans anyway, and I can now put together bits and pieces of conversation. The goal is to create a foundation for myself that I can improve through informal language exchange and conversation.


While I’m pleased with the results, it does mean a huge time sink. Not only does it meet Monday-Friday from 10am to 1pm, but I’ll usually study from 8-9 each morning, then another hour or so after I get out of work at 7 (Monday and Tuesday) or 10 (Wednesday through Friday), and then usually for a few hours on the weekend. In all, I probably put in about 30 hours/week.

Second, I’m teaching my hagwon’s “Masters Reading” class. The students in this class are well beyond conversationally fluent in English, and operate at about the same level as a U.S. student the same age. They’re in 6th-8th grade, and we’ll be finishing The Outsiders this week, and moving on to The Secret Garden, followed by The Light in the Forest and Death of a Salesman.

It’s an absolute pleasure to teach this class. There’s 3 boys and 3 girls,  all highly motivated and extremely intelligent. The class’s focus is almost entirely on critical analysis of literature, paired with a minor element of developing their own authorial styles.

That said, it’s also a large amount of work. Not only is it a good deal of reading, but it’s taking me some time to recall how to analyze literature. I’ll admit that I’m still not quite where I’d like to be, which is far beyond my peak in 11th grade English. And though it may go without saying, teaching/leading a literature class is quite different from being a participant.

So loosely, my average schedule is:

8:00a – wake
9:40a – leave for class
1pm – gym
2:30pm – lunch/preparing the day’s English lesson
7pm (Mon, Tues)/10pm (Wed-Fri) – dinner
8pm (Mon, Tues)/11pm (Wed-Fri) – study Korean/prep English
1am – sleep

And between all that, I’m desperately trying to have some semblance of a social life (lol) and update this blog. As the latter is clearly the more important of the two though, more updates should be on the way shortly…maybe.

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2 Responses to I’m not dead (yet)!

  1. Fiza says:

    1. Updating a blog while being abroad is hard work, and yes, getting the motivation to get started sometimes requires more work and dedication than actually completing the entry.

    2. A messy room is a clear indication that you have better things to do with your time than stay inside alone and clean.

    3. Kat and I miss you. ❤ from Clarendon, VA.

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