Merry Christmas from Seoul!

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m late. Sue me.

Anyway, as some of you may have noticed, the world recently witnessed the glorious day known as Christmas: a Christian holiday borrowed from pagans, spread the world over in the name of commercialism

Sorry, was that bitter? Well, that’s because Christmas, a wonderful holiday celebrated in the spirit of giving, friends, and family, has been perverted in Korea to resemble the most vile of all holidays: Valentine’s Day. Ugh.

Have you ever seen somebody actually sad that it’s Christmas? No? Well, come visit Korea where Christmas is “for couples,” as any Korean will tell you.

Exhibit A:
Me: Are you doing anything fun for Christmas?
Student: No, I do not have a boyfriend…

My heart pretty much broke in half on the spot for this girl. And it wasn’t the end. On Christmas Day, another English teacher’s Korean friend joined us after dinner.

Exhibit B
Me: How was your Christmas?
Her: Bad.
Me: Oh, I’m sorry! How come?
Her: Christmas…for couples…

Nghhhhhhh. At this point, everything went red, and I don’t remember much else. But in case anyone was wondering, the Korean-Christmas:U.S.-Valentine’s-Day analogy holds true across the male spectrum too. Flash forward to earlier today at work, and…

Exhibit C
Me: Hey, how was your Christmas?
Male Korean Co-worker: Eh…I drink.

Cheers, brother. Give us Americans a month and a half, and we’ll be joining you.

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One Response to Merry Christmas from Seoul!

  1. Another very unexpected difference in our cultures. Wish it had been a more celebratory/positive experience for you. Comical in any case. I wonder what Their St. Valentine Day will have in store for you? Always good to hear your “findings”

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